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Michelle Moore School Principal

School Motto

We Learn,
We Grow,
We Soar!

Principal's Message


Welcome to Laguna Niguel Elementary School, Home of the Aviators. At LNES, we consider it our privilege to serve our wonderful community of staff, students, families, and community partners. Our team creates an atmosphere of warmth, care, and respect where children come to learn, grow, and achieve. We work diligently to provide a quality educational program for all students in a challenging, safe, nurturing, STEAM, and growth mindset environment. The LNES team has prepared an outstanding instructional program which balances scholarly attributes, with critical thinking and enrichment, to ensure an exciting and successful academic and social-emotional program for all students.


There is no better way to learn about LNES then from our amazing students.


Here are a few words from our Awesome Aviator Student Council:


Aviators Learn, Grow, and Soar Every Day at LNES

Written by the LNES Student Council

Henley Packer, President – Ally Fausett, Vice President – Luke Fedena, Secretary – Activities Coordinators; Ellie Bowles, John D’Amelio, Jasmine Shaheen – Publicity Coordinators: Ava Jeter, Cameron Levine

Ms. Billman and Mrs. Cuevas, Student Council Advisors


Laguna Niguel Elementary School is the best place to learn….ever!


Our staff is really amazing and they help us learn. Mrs. Pearson is our terrific counselor and she works with us on how to resolve conflicts. Our principal is our helpful coach, who encourages us. All our staff really wants to know about us, our lives, and how to make things better so that we can be our very best.


At LNES we are shown that learning is a process and that there isn’t anything we can’t do. We say our motto, “We learn, we grow, we soar!” and commit to being in one of those spaces every day.


All of the supervisors, teachers, office, custodians, all the people who are older, like Mrs. Moore, are the people we look up to because they always make sure that everything is fair while they educate us. We like how they almost treat us like they are our parents, they really care about us and will help you with anything. The LNES Staff wants us to get a really good education and keep us safe too. We feel safe at school because we all know each other and how important it is to care about each other. If there is a problem we can tell and talk to anyone.


At LNES, everyone always thinks about everyone, every grade, person, any background, really anyone. Everyone is included here and we just love how that feels. At LNES we look forward to including our new students so they learn quickly how awesome it is here.


Our Student Council is committed to doing the same for our students while helping our school grow and stay fun, and serve others in and outside of our school. Go Aviators!




Mrs. Michelle A. Moore